ourself zine   for queer voices in Hong Kong
《我哋》 小誌  酷兒聲音在香港


Lovers parted ways not because they have fallen out of love. His parents said, “both of you are men. leave him or leave this family.” You read “Notes of a Crocodile”, the writer’s queer desires, novels she had yet to write, her suicide at 26. “What if this is just a phase?” people asked you the day you came out. You introduced your name, your pronouns. An admin person responded, “this is not what your ID says.”

You are in love with someone. When you are together, there is nothing you cannot overcome. You read “A Wife’s Diary”, the writer’s love story with a woman, a post-same-sex-marriage Taiwan. You find love in your friends and family. You introduce your name, your pronouns. Your peers introduce their names, their pronouns. The admin person introduces their name, their pronouns.

We feel disoriented in a world full of narratives created by - sometimes imposed on - us. As you flip the pages of the zine, the process will not provide answers or standard definitions as to what it means to be a part of the community, and in fact it does not need to. Stories and identities are too complex and multifaceted to be contained in the capacity of this zine - nor can our lived experience be fully translated into words, but what Ourself seeks to do is to invite a beam of light into the less illuminated places of our society, homes, closets - and our hearts.



目睹一對情侶分手,不是因為不再相愛,只是家人覺得:「 兩個男人一齊唔會有幸福。一係離開佢,一係離開呢個屋企 」。讀《鱷魚手記》,作者寫同性之間的情慾。如果作者在世,她還會寫小說嗎?出櫃後,朋友懷疑你:「 可能遲啲會變呢?」有次你介紹自己的名字和性別代名詞,對方打斷:「 但你證件唔係咁寫。」

當你跟喜歡的人在一起,你覺得無所畏懼。讀 《 人妻日記 》 ,作者寫自己與太太之間的愛情故事,寫同婚合法化後的台灣。跟家人介紹另一半,他們笑說:「 得啦,遲啲帶佢返嚟屋企食飯。」 當你介紹自己的名字和性別代名詞,身邊的人都逐一介紹自己的名字和代名詞。

聽過太多故事,有時反而會感到迷失。這本小誌不可以(也不期望)承載整個社群的經歷,也無法將你心底的疑惑一一擊退。每個人的故事和身分都是複雜而多元的,因此沒有任何平台可以完整無缺地紀錄我們的日常生活。《 我哋 》 唯一希望的,只是成為穿過門縫,射進房間暗角的一線微光。歡迎光臨。