by James Chong @ Stand News 立場新聞


Shining light into a translucent closet: An interview with editors of Ourself, on multi-faceted queer life in Hong Kong
by Sharon Yam @ Lausan 流傘

Since last year’s protests, zine culture in Hong Kong has become more popular: While some have made zines to spread information on street first-aid, others have attended to collective trauma and the intense emotions sparked by the protest. These independent zines allow marginalized artists and activists to bypass censorship from established institutions, and to express their ideas on their own terms.

LGBTQ+ zines from places where being gay is condemned
by Zoya Raza-Sheikh @ Huck Magazine

Whether it’s in aesthetic photo journals or defunct erotica zines, LGBTQ+ representation has long existed within underground communities and literary networks. Many of these self-produced passion projects snowballed into cultural game changers and were able to drive home messages of self-expression. Today, that spirit of literary revolution lives on – including in the over 70 provinces globally banning or criminalising LGBTQ+ relationships, where zine networks have become an irreplaceable platform of visibility and representation for marginalised communities.